This video shows the picture of  the muscles of the hand and the wrist. The band across the wrist is explained and shown how to work on the tightness or knots. The complex layer and layers of muscles made the task difficult but with some love and persistence it made it worthwhile.

The were two techniques used in the video. The normal way and the other way is what I call the “lazy/easy” way with the stretches. You can use both technique and choose the one that you like. Always remember while working on a tightness or knot, use your regular pressure and if it hurts, simply lessen the pressure. Stay on the tightness and continue working  on until the tightness disappear.

Enjoy  the video and stay tune for the final part,  which will focus on the web and the palm of the hand. At the end of the third video (part 3), you will be able to take care of your hand and you will have the know how even to work on your love ones.

Once you have watched the video, make sure you leave a comment below  and let me know what you thought about it. Or maybe let me know what you would like to learn more about. Also share it with someone.

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