“Sit up straight”, “Don’t hunch” “You are not going to look good when you grow up if you don’t sit straight” or “No one is going to marry you if you hunch” Have you heard any of these comments from your parents, grandparents, relative or anyone while growing up? We were always told to sit up straight but were you shown how? I know I wasn’t. My mom always told me to sit straight by making sure my back is straight (meaning not hunch)

I grew up not knowing which way is the right way to sit. Sounds funny but I think most people do not know how to sit right. In 1985 I had a a pretty serious accident (check out my Life Story page which is coming soon) which I fractured my skull, broke my front tooth, had a hair line fracture on my pelvis and both the big bone (tibia) and small bone (fibula) of my right leg below the knee was broken. Thank God for His grace I’m functioning pretty normal and you wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell you I had an accident.

I was doing great until I started working in corporate America as an accounting supervisor. I worked 40 hours a week and sometimes over 50 hours. I spend most of my time in front of the computer crunching numbers. I tried sitting in many different ways in search of finding the right way to sit. My friends who knows me always make fun of me trying to crack my back by turning to the left and then to the right whenever we play charade. After being tired of the politics in corporate America for 8 years, I venture into massage and found something that I really like, which is helping people and actually make a living by doing it.

It was at the massage school I figured out the correct way to sit and it had been wonderful since then. I constantly remind my clients to do the same and I’ll remember to show them how.

sit bone

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