I woke up this morning feeling this tired, weird, uncomfortable nagging pain  in my upper back.  It’s just Sooo uncomfortable  and urgh  needs to be ….  It feels like I  need to “pop/crack it”  like a chiropractor adjustment.   Have you ever felt that way before? What did you do?

Hmmm let’s see what might have caused it? Could it be:

  • Sleeping the wrong way?
  • Overused the upper back muscles?
  • Been slagging off with posture?
  • Pulled a muscle?
  • Spending too much time in front of the computer?
  • Watching too much TV on the couch?
  • Carrying heavy bag?
  • Many other causes you may think of….Comment below

Maybe I did too much of these:

Seniors and ComputersUrban Combat Training Takes Place As Part Of 'Exercise Talisman Saber'Australians Detained In Papua Prepare To Head HomeSolution?  ….What can I do??? What’s my options?

Option 1. Bending over slowly with your head towards your knee.

As you are bending slowly you will feel the pop!

popaOption 2. If you have an exercise ball you can bounce your

sacrum (the triangle bone at the base of the spine that connects the hip bones)


Bounce your hip slowly and the popping begins

pop1aOption 3. Find someone your size,Face back to back, Hook elbow

to elbow and lift, Bounce your sacrum slowly and your upper back

will start popping.

pop3aOption 4. Have someone step/jump on your back (my favorite).

Feet parallel away from the spine Start with walking up the spine

from the lower back, Stop at  upper back, knee bend and jump

a little and it will feel like a chiropractic adjustment

pop2aThese are some of the option to crack or pop your upper back. Let me know if you use a different technique.

Share with us or if you have a question, simply ask in the comment box below.

Be Well! 🙂

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