I have received quite a few questions over the pass two weeks on shoulder and neck pain.

Well! Let’s take a look at the shoulder.

The shoulder holds the neck and head and connects the hands and is part of the upper body. The muscles of the shoulder are interwoven or interrelated with the neck muscles and the muscles of the spine which runs from the occiput (base of the skull) to the lower back. Yes! yes believe it or not the muscles in your body are connected and relates with each other. So if you have pain in the shoulder and if it’s not taken care of, it will lead to pain in the neck.

neck & Shoulder

I always tell my clients:

  • 1. if you have a problem in your ankle, it will affect your knees and
  • 2. if you have a problem in your knees, it will affect your lower back and
  • 3. if you have a problem in your lower back,i t will affect your upper back and
  • 4. if you have a problem with your upper back, it will affect your neck and
  • 5. if you have a problem with your neck, it will affect your head.

Do you know anyone that felt perfectly fine after an accident but after a few months or years later complaint about having pain that was caused by the accident? Do you know anyone that has knee problem and later found out that their lower back hurts? Do you know anyone that has a pain in the shoulder and later have pain in the neck?

My Theory

The bottom line is…. you need to take care of any problem in any area of your body Right away do not let it go on untreated. A good example of this is… not too long ago one winter  a client of mine fell on her way to see me. She came to me with a pain in the lower back and black and blues on her thigh. I immediately work on the two area and she was pretty mobile after the session. Yes according to the books I’m not supposed to work on her…traditionally we were supposed to follow the R.I.C.E theory ( rest, ice, compression, elevation) But by the time it’s said and done ..it’ll be a couple of days and the muscles around the area without movement or circulation  to the area it will tighten. The goal is to create circulation, circulation and circulation and the way to do that is by rubbing and kneading (massage). With circulation brings blood and oxygen into the area and with oxygen in the area pain and black and blue will go away.

So so so what are the causes of shoulder or neck pain.

It could be many factors that contribute to it:

  • you probably slept the wrong way
  • Mother and baby sleeping

  • working on the computer day in and day out
    Businesswoman at desk by laptop and paperwork, hands raised

  • bad posture
  • Young woman lying on the sofa with magazin

  • accidentally pulled a muscle
    close-up of a young woman holding her neck in pain

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