What You Give Is What You Get…..

Yes! most of us probably heard the saying “what you give is what you get”, which simply mean if you make fun of someone, someone else is going to make fun of you too  or if you are nice to others and others would be nice to you.

One of my friend was limping when I saw him last Sunday. When asked what happened, he told me that he missed a step while going down a stairs and he had just came back from a Chinese herbalist/massage therapist. He also told me that he messed up the muscles below his knees and was dragging his leg rather than lifting the knee to try to walk normal instead of enduring the pain to create circulation. My theory on any bruise,pain, fall or sprain is to work on it right away, by doing so it brings oxygen to the area, so circulation, circulation and circulation.  Working on the bruise, pain, fall or sprain right away combine with a soak in the tub with Epsom salt or hydrogen peroxide  is the best way to help release these stress. Circulation from working on it and loosening up the muscles by soaking in Epsom salt or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) {the O2 (oxygen) helps enhance circulation}

I was trying to be playful by pretending to kick his leg because he’s afraid of pain on Sunday. I saw him last night and I was trying to imitate him but I step on a flatten plastic bottle and I slip and hit my left knee on the pavement and we all had a good laugh. I didn’t feel anything until 3 hours later, I felt like I have sprain my left ankle. This reminded me of some of my clients that didn’t feel anything after an accident or a fall  whom didn’t feel anything when it happened but felt the effects a few  days or months later or sometimes much later. It is very important to get checked by your doctor, if you had an accident especially when you didn’t feel anything right after the accident or you can do a self check to prevent stress later. By self check I mean: I stepped on a flatten bottle on my right leg which cause the slip and I fell on my left knee which probably cause the sprain, so I checked my left knee and my ankle were fine when I checked at the time of the fall but when I checked it later I found the sprain and started working on it right away and it’s getting better already. I’ll show you how in the video below.

Be Well!

Found the evidence that cause the fall 🙁

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