Would you like to get a free massage?

Massage has always  been a necessity instead of a luxury but most people still think that it’s a luxury. We probably get  massage at least once or more in our daily routine without realizing it. What do you mean? You might ask.

According to dictionary.com massage is:

“the act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting, or the like, to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness, relieve tension, etc.”

Rubbing, kneading and patting to create circulation – is massage … What do you do when you have stiffness on your neck? I think the natural reaction and most of us will automatically start rubbing our neck.

close-up of a young woman holding her neck in pain What happens when you bump your hand into a wall or bump your hand into the file cabinet? Yes (nodding) just like you and me you’ll rub it immediately.What about having a back  ache after sitting in front of the computer? What do you do? Do you start tapping and rubbing the achy area? Everyone of us have done this not once but more than once without realizing it, the only difference is when come to massage everyone have the idea that we have to go to a spa or a wellness center for a massage.

Here’s where you can claim your Free Back  Massage ……..

Everyone loves to get a back massage and better yet it’s free. Attention all massage lovers and iPhone user there’s an app called “Free Back massage” that will do the job with the help of the vibrate function from the phone. Only 3 to choose – lite, Swedish and Shiatsu. Andriod users should try the “Massager” It’s vibration starts from soft short, middle short, strong short, short pulse, soft intermittent and …… about 15 choices to choose from. Just be careful not to drop your phone.



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