T-Shirt Contest Special

Affiliate.Com is running a contest to see if people actually wear the giveaway t-shirt after their shows. I for one will definitely wear them because it’s a good way to start a conversation and you maybe looking at a potential client or a friend. I have included T-Shirt Monday in my blog which is away to thank the companies for their giveaways which they don’t normally get.

I came across the contest from a post by John Chow from John Chow Dot Com. Thanks to the quick response from Tom Wozniak of for sending me the t-shirt.

I decided to make a video to show…….ENJOY 🙂


Special thanks to pictures:

Missy Ward –  Affiliate Summit

Zac Johnson – MLDina

Murray Newlands – StevenSandersonDotCom

John Chow –  Heather In BC

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