Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat…. Every time my mom calls she always remind me to eat and made sure that I feed my kids.  I think this is part of an Asian thing because we Asians love to eat.

Why do we need to eat?

It should be partly when we are hungry and maybe we just want to eat (appetite). Essentially we need to eat in order to supply energy for our body to function and to stay alive. Feeling hungry is a way the body tells us that it needs to be replenish meanwhile, appetite is a sensory response that we learned. When we smell coffee we’ll instantly said it smells great, energized, awaken (for those who like coffee) or when we see a big tray of gourmet dessert we’ll try to get our hands into it (for those dessert lover) or for those who like to pick on food once they taste something good they’ll not stop.

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How do you know you have enough? An interesting question. Have you been in a social situation (or your daily setting)  where your body knows you need food to satisfy your hunger but your appetite still wants to go for the chocolate mud cake with a scope of vanilla ice cream or the pieces of chocolate marble cheese cake drizzle with strawberry syrup (I’m drooling …are you?) When we are low in energy our body will send our brain a message telling us we are hungry and when our energy is charged or replenished it will signal the brain to tell us we are full or stop. Our appetite works a little different, besides our sensory response it also work with our emotion. Some of us might eat when we are bored, sad, stressed, depressed or loss our appetite when we are sick. This is where we have to be aware of why we are eating. Is it because we are hungry or is it our mood swing controlled by our appetite?

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Are you guilty of doing this?

When I was working in corporate America my motto was to finish my work and get out of there (No politics.I don’t like politics. No goofing off). I like to go in finish my work and go home. That means I’ll eat my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner if there’s overtime in front of the computer.

Businesswoman using cell phone and eating sandwich Eating while working is not a good habit.

  1. Is not healthy (confuse the body)
  2. It’s not professional
  3. It’s not hygiene
  4. You might get electrocuted (if there any spill on to any electronic equipments)

More importantly is your health, after all why work so hard and not take care of yourself. We need to stop working and take 15 to 20 minutes just to eat no work. When you eat at your work station you’ll tend to eat fast because you want to get the food out of the way so you can get back to work. You will actually end up eating more than you should eat because you didn’t allow the digestive system to start working. Take your 15 to 20 minutes to eat slowly put your utensils down, chew and enjoy it. Eating slow will help your digestive system and you’ll feel better without regretting eating too much. The bottom line is we must have a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We must stop everything no multitasking when time to eat. We have to be AWARE of our daily activities, that might in the long run will slowly add stress to our digestive system which one day will become a disease of some sort.


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