Stretch Tip Of The Week Episode #9

How To Stretch Your Shoulder Blades

Did you woke up with some stiffness on your shoulder blades? Do you sleep on your side? Left or Right side …either side will affect your shoulder blades. You end up putting your whole body weight on one side when you sleep on the side. For example: if you sleep on your right shoulder your whole body weight will be on the right shoulder.

Have you been carrying heavy bag? Are you one of those that put everything in your bag or bag pack and never take anything out? Cleaning or reorganize your bag or backpack once a week will be helpful.

Wonder why your shoulder blades are bothering you?… Could it be you have a project due? A meeting you dread to go? It could simply mean that you are stress out from your daily work.

In this video I’ll show you a simple stretch to help loosen the shoulder blades and it is also a way to help prevent it before it stresses you out.




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