Why Not To Eat Enriched Food

The first time I heard about anything enriched was on Dr Oz  and Dr Roizen program ” 90-Day Live Longer, Feel Younger Plan”  when Dr Oz was talking about not including enriched wheat flour in our daily diet. Dr. Oz says enriched flour is actually poor in nutrition because most of the grain’s nutrients are destroyed in the refining process. “The reason they enrich it is because they already stripped out anything that was worth a darn in it, and they add a little bit back so it doesn’t look so bad,” says Dr. Oz. Instead, he says to look for whole grains and whole grain flours. “It has its kernels, it has its B vitamins—all the things you want to be in there,” says Dr. Oz.

I became very conscious on type of bread, cookies, crackers, pasta and anything that uses enriched flour. It’ s pretty hard not to find any non enriched food walking down the supermarket isle unless you are shopping in WholeFood or any natural or organic markets.

Look what I found now!  Watch this video before you eat your next bowl of corn flakes!

Dr Thomas Levy suggest you to read Health E-Bytes Issue No. 4. to better understand the implication before watching the video.

Dr Thomas Levy also wrote Optimal Nutrition For Optimal Health Check It Out! 




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