Stretch Tip Of The Week Episode #11

Lower Back Stretch

Do you have to sit a lot at work? Is your back always bothering you? Are you carrying your posture properly? Do you sometimes feel all you need is the One stretch or pop on your lower back? In this video I’m going to show you one simple stretch (ONLY require a few seconds) to relief your lower back….either at the gym, at the playground on the monkey bars or even I have seen people do it at the traffic on the bar that holds the walk and don’t walk sign  similar to the picture below.

Do not cross sign on traffic lights, close-up

This is a very simple stretch Only takes a few seconds  be careful not to pull your muscle..once you feel the stretch you have to let your legs down ASAP.

..Hold on the bar and hang straight..Then bring your legs towards the back of  your thigh…by doing this you are using the weight from the lower part of the body to stretch or adjust and to straighten your spinal cord.

Here’s the video ……



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