Do you want your kids to eat this?

Growing up I always think eating fast food like McDonald’s Wendy’s, A&W, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken is cool. As many of you may know that I grew up in Malaysia and when we were younger  it’s a big deal when we have a chance to go to any fast food restaurant because we don’t always have a chance to go everyday but only on special occasions.  Going to these restaurants makes us  (the Malaysian) feel like  American…thanks to American marketing. Later on , my friends and I will go to these restaurants on the last day of school or if we have dates.

Thanks to American marketing I did not know how unhealthy these fast food and how it contribute to obesity and probably many other diseases. This probably answer my question that I always have when I first came to America which is “Why are American born kids always so huge in size and I know it’s something in the food but can’t pinpoint what it was.

I came across this video and wonder why companies are allowed to sell such food to consumers. Aren’t the government supposed to protect us the citizen or are they being  out by these companies?

Hopefully this will help educate parent, kids infect all of us because we are what we eat.


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