How To Do A Neck Stretch – Stretch Tip Of The Week

How To Do A Neck Stretch

Ever woke up with a stiff neck? Slept on the side a little too often? Have you ever felt like pulling your neck out? Here a simple tip to actually pull your neck but not hurt yourself. You can do this stretch anywhere…whether you are at home, at work, in the subway, in the bus, playing tennis, after a bike ride ……..

Step by step to do a neck stretch:

  • Locate the right and left side of the bottom of your skull
  • Put your hands behind your neck
  • Fingers in between each other
  • Use the side of your hand or the bottom of your palm to lift the right and left skull
  • Breath in and lift the right and left side of the skull
  • Repeat 3 times

As you lift the skull or the side of the skull, it began to lengthen the neck and you will feel the relief.



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