How To Do A Wrist Stretch -Stretch Tip Of The Week Episode# 14

Wrist Stretch

Why do we need to stretch our wrist? About 10 to 15 years ago wrist pain was probably not common unless you actually twisted it or hurt it. It was not until the invention of video games like Gameboy, PSP DS, Xbox, Wii, smartphones, Blackberry, iPhones, now iPad and the frequent use of the Internet…. wrist pain is now a common problem and it has also become a multi dollar industry.

Instead of the traditional hand stretch by pointing your finger to the ground and pull it in with your other hand we are going to do something different
How To Do A Wrist Stretch
Here’s How To Do A Wrist Stretch:
  1. Stretch your hand straight put your thumb on top of the wrist line
  2. Start with a light stretch
  3. Stretch a little further one step at a time
  4. Switch hands and repeat step 1-3
  5. You can move you thumb up and down the wrist line as you discover knot along the wrist line

By doing so it will help relief the stress and knots and pain around your wrist.

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