7 ways to De stress:

There are many way to relief stress and these are a few…..

  1. Get a hobby – There are tons of hobbies ranging from collecting, creative, performance, games, outdoor recreation, cooking, fish keeping and gardening.
  2. Hobbies Ideas

  3. Read a book to take away stress and your mind wander .. into story land. You can get books at Barnes & Noble, Amazon Books or try BookSwim.com Gift Card if you have storage problem
  4. Man reading a book

  5. Watch A movie – Watching a movie is made easy now, you don’t have to go to the movie theater. You can get movies from Netflix, online and you can try ROKU Digital Video Player
  6. Portrait of a Family in a Cinema Watching a Film

  7. Play a puzzle– When I was growing up the only puzzles we played were the jigsaw puzzles and occasionally word puzzles (I did a lot of word puzzles when I was in the hospital). Now there’s jigsaw puzzles, electronic puzzles, puzzles games and …..
  8. Puzzle pieces


  9. Exercise – Take a walk, do some mall walking, take a swim, P90X and WII SPORTS for those who like to stay at home.
  10. young woman exercising with dumbbells

  11. Submerge yourself in a nice tub of warm Epsom Salt water with Stress Relief Music and some aromatherapy candle.
  12. Woman soaking in bathtub with aromatherapy candles and reading book

  13. Get A Massage – Massage helps break down muscles tightness, remove toxins and create blood circulation which brings oxygen to the body and you’ll feel rejuvenate
Young Woman Receiving Massage at Spa

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