Guiding Spirit:Music for Natural Healing – David Sun

As light and soft as the gently floating feather on its cover, Guiding Spirit is also a powerful recording of unsurpassed beauty. Weaving the strains of distant birdsong, the delicate melodies of the keyboard, and hypnotic, drifting strings, David has fashioned an exquisite tapestry of flowing harmonies to help soothe, relax and release. The perfect music for natural healing of the mind, body and soul, it enfolds you within an inner sanctuary of peace, and creates a wonderful refuge for healing and joyful tranquility.

David Sun was born in Kent, England. His earliest recollections of music include listening to recordings by George Gershwin and Irving Berlin. His parents discovered that Sun could play piano by ear and enrolled him in formal piano lessons. Later, Sun taught himself how to play other instruments, including synthesizer, organ, tin whistle, and percussion. Alone in his studio, Sun writes peaceful new age music; his primary inspiration is the natural world around him: his miniature Japanese garden with its small stream, the frogs singing at the pond, thunderstorms, a squirrel chewing on a nut, or even water dripping from his tap.

Sun is also a published author of short stories, a painter whose watercolors and landscapes hang in several English art galleries, an actor, and a children’s magician and puppeteer. He wrote the score to Tranquility, a 40-minute video of nature scenes, and his 1993 Plant Music was used as the soundtrack to a BBC television documentary, Discovering Nature. His recordings are available on the New World Music label. ~ Carol Wright, All Music Guide

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