Stretch For Stomach Sleeper Series Of Sleeping Position 2 – Stretch Tip Of The Week Episode #17

Stretch For Stomach Sleeper or those of you who sleep on your stomach

This is a Special Series of stretches for Sleep position to be done in the morning preferably right after you wake up.

This stretch is for those who sleep on the your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach is not the best position because it puts pressure on the chest, lungs and your internal organs. This position stresses the airflow into the body while sleeping and affects the neck, chest and lower back muscles.

The stretch for stomach sleeper:

  • Put both your hands behind your head
  • Bend to your left side
  • Hold until feel the pull
  • Bend to your right side
  • Hold until feel the pull

Repeat stretch for 2 times or feel the torso or chest release.



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