Stress? How To Fix A Pulled Back Muscle

I was vacationing in Maine and we went to LL Bean in  Freeport Maine (opens 24 hours and 365 days) this weekend (Labor day weekend). As usual my 4 year old daughter wants me to carry her around. We got her a winter jacket and when I was waiting in line, I notice my back was aching and I realized I pulled my back muscle. I quickly stop carrying her and start to figure out what I need to do to fix the pain.

This is what I did:

  • I put pressure on the pain area with the pad of my thumb by pressing in to the pulled muscle or the pain area. I then add a stretch toward the opposite side ….example If I pulled my right back muscle I’ll put pressure on the right muscle and I tilt my left shoulder to the left until I feel the stretch.
  • I stand  straight with my feet together and bend my head towards my knees to get the stretch on the pain and also to loosen the muscles along the spine that was probally tighten by the back muscle.
  • I lay flat on my back with my knees up on a bench or floor and stretch my hand above my head. I can immeadiatly feel the release on the back.

And I’m back into carry my daughter again. 🙂

Be Well!

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