How to De Stress Your  Lower Back Pain From Sitting At The Desk


This is in respond to a question from my FaceBook friend asking me how to fix her lower back pain because she sits alot at work.
She also said that the pain has been going on for some time but she keep ignoring it.

First Rule of thumb

Never ignore what your body is trying to tell you!
Why? Because the body knows best…It’s like your best friend.It will tell you to slow down when you are straining yourself at the gym…
it’ll tell you to take it easy on the dessert when you’re eating too much at the all you can eat buffet.

In other words:

Listen to your body when it is Alarming you or sending signal not to do certain thing that might harm your body!
When I asked her how she normally sit? She told me she sit like this….which is like a curve..
NOW what wrong with this picture? Is that how we are supposed to sit? NO but most of us sit this way.
Why ???? I don’t know. Maybe we weren’t taught how to sit properly.

Let’s see how you are supposed to sit?

The proper way to sit without stressing your body:
Is to sit on your sit bone.
What! what is sit bone? You may ask? Sit bone is this bone here on the chart.
And to find out where it is I want you to stand up feel your buttocks (yes your buttock! that’s where you sit right?) all the way to the bottom and there it is …
It’s the bone at the bottom of your buttock. That’s the bone you are supposed to be sitting on.
Not sitting on a curve like this..(show hand) putting all the stress on your sacrum or this area here.
So to sit straight push your chest forward, hand shoulder level and that will automatically make your lower back curve forward.
And that’s how supposed to sit and you can almost feel the pressure taken off your sacrum right away..Remember it takes a little getting used to beacause you have to retrain your muscles to get use to this position.

To stretch:

  • Side To Side -Slide a little forward (make sure your legs are well grounded if you have chair with wheels) and turn to your left and right (you should be feeling the tension easing). to add a little stretch…hold on to the chair
  • Side Stretch- this loosens up the side of your lower back. Put your hand across and hold the other hand and stretch…switch hand…..switch hand…..and switch hand you can feel the stretch on the side.

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