Elbow Tendonitis Relief

I have an interesting story to share with you and at the same time I’ve discovered and tested on a GREAT pain relief product. One of my You Tube friend had a question on tendonitis. After a few question and answer session through our You Tube channel, he told me: ” I was shot on his wrist from a 38 magnum and it graved the top of my wrist and it cut every tendon on the top of my wrist.the surgeon attached all the right tendons to the right fingers.now i have tendonitis in my fingers and a sharp shooting pain around my elbow.” I was surprised that he didn’t have any pain on the wrist area because there’s always a lot of scar tissue after major surgery if it wasn’t taken care of right after the surgery and it’s a major cause of pain later on.

In This Video You Will:

– Find out what elbow tendonitis is

– What to do with it

– What paraffin can do to tendonitis

– What the GREAT pain relief cream is (HINT: scroll down)

– What you have to do after getting rid of the pain

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