The Accident


I normally ride my bicycle to school and it had been my main mode of  transportation even if I had to take the subway. I would ride my bicycle to the subway and would bring my bicycle onto the subway go to work and bring the bicycle to the subway and then ride home. (talking about going Green). It was the day after labor day in September 1985, all I remembered was I was on my way to school and the next thing I know was under a cover and feeling pain all over, heard people talking, and it felt like someone poking something on the top back of the right side of my skull.  when I opened my eye there were about 10 doctors surrounding me and a few of them were tying the stitches on the top right side of my skull.

Hit by a delivery truck

I was told that I was hit by a delivery truck at —— (that’s only a quarter of my route to school) while riding my bicycle. They told me I had fractured my right fibula and tibula (that’s both the bones below my  knee), a hairline fracture on my pelvis, a broken front tooth and a big crack on my right side of my head (which they had just finished stitching), now! that explains the pain I had. My right leg was in a cast all the way to my mid thigh with an opening 3 inches above my ankle for the wound caused by the impact from the hit from the bicycle paddle, my pelvis was in a sling, the nerves of my broken front tooth (I have a root canal done on this tooth but it fell out last year and I had to do a bridge instead) was dangling and I don’t now how many stitches on my head.




The weekend before the accident

My second sister was getting married that weekend, my eldest sister flew in from Bahrain(that was were her husband was working at that time), my oldest brother flew in from Malaysia to attend the wedding and my parents and the rest of the family were in Malaysia. My oldest brother and sister were the first person who came to the hospital because they were the only relatives I had at that time while my second sister was on her honeymoon and my brother in-law flew in from Bahrain with a briefcase full of cash fearing that I wouldn’t be able to pay for the medical bill. It’s good to have family with you at time like such. Thank God for the no fault insurance law in New York I didn’t have to pay a penny. The total medical bill came out to about sixty thousand dollars for about 2 weeks in the hospital excluding rehab.

Do you believe in Angels?

The first 2 days in the hospital (in the ICU intensive care unit) was a little scary because of having to lay in bed with a sling holding my pelvis for the hairline fracture, every time I moved I felt aches, pains and the nerves dangling from my broken tooth was killing me. The doctor finally killed the nerve on the third day and was a major relief for me. My pastor from church came and prayed for me and after the prayer the fear was gone. My friends came to visit me and at one point there were 10 of them in my room meanwhile there was only 2 passes per room and they managed to sneek into my room. Sometimes it takes something like this to find out who your true friends are. My friend from work actually gave me a hair cut at the hospital…that’s what you call a friend. On the fouth day a lady came to visit me. She introduce herself and told me she was at the scene and had to check with the police to track me down. She came to my rescue and was the one that called the police which was nearby but was told to call another number because it wasn’t their district..hmmmm???(government services) She had to call the other number and the ambulance came. She thought I wouldn’t survived judging from the opening and bleeding on my head. It made her loss her appetite for the next two days. I would have bleed to death, if it wasn’t for her my God sent angel  and I  might not be writing today. Sometime people ask me why I believe in Christianity and my answer to them is Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship between you and God. I personally experience God’s miracle in my life and by experience it does not mean you have to get into an accident to experience Him, it’s simple …Only believe…that’s it!

In search of…

I had to walk around with the cast and crutches  for 6 weeks and  I remembered going bowling in it. I did a lot of activities that I normally do, not letting the cast and crutches hold me back. You ‘ll not notice anything wrong with my foot if you see me walk. My lower back was giving me discomfort over the years from sitting too long at work .  I bought a massage chair that gives me some therapy when needed. In the quest of looking for ways to get ride of this pain/ discomfort I decided to learn massage to help myself and also a chance to help others and also a career change because I was tired of the corporate politics. Now I know how to fix myself and also had have  helped a lot of people with their problems.