7 Sleeping Positions

How do you normally sleep?

I have asked many of my clients and their answer was almost always “I don’t know! I normally sleep one way but I can’t tell you how I sleep because I can’t see how I sleep when I’m sleeping”. Most of them also say ‘I sleep one way but I’ll get up another”.

Here are 7 sleeping positions:

1. Fetus Position

Girl asleep on bed

2.  On  The Back

close-up of a young woman sleeping

3.  Butt Up

lifestyle shot of a female toddler in a pink shirt as she takes a nap on a bed

4.  Hands Open

Baby girl (15-18 months) sleeping in bed, overhead view

5.  Hands Over Shoulder

Woman sleeping

6.  On The Stomach

Young woman sleeping

7.  Sleep On The Side

Woman sleeping
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