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In the last post- 7 Sleeping Positions

In  7 sleeping positions my previous post I have shown you – fetus position, sleeping on the back, sleeping  with the butt up, sleeping with the hands open, sleeping with hands over shoulder, sleeping on the stomach and sleeping on the side. In this post I’ll show and reveal which muscles were affected with or  without using pillow and how you’ll feel in the morning.

What will the affects of these positions do to the muscles and how it’ll make you feel in the morning?

Fetus Position:

I think this is the most natural way  to sleep and we had been taught this way since we were in our mother’s womb. It does not put any stress on our back at all because with the knees curl up towards the chest. This position allows easy breathing throughout the night. Without pillow this position will affect your neck, shoulder and lower back.

Effects in the morning: You’ll feel great and well rested or without the pillow you’ll feel tension on the lower back, neck or shoulder.

Sleeping on the back:

Sleeping on the back puts the muscles of the neck , the shoulder and the back in a neutral position. This position allows you to breathe easier and bring more oxygen to the body when you use a low pillow but if you use a thick pillow it will affect the neck,throat and chest.

Effects in the morning: You’ll feel fresh and ready to go because there wasn’t any pressure or stress caused by the neutral position, but if you slept with a thick pillow you’ll feel tightness in the neck and chest muscle.

Sleeping with the butt up:

lifestyle shot of a female toddler in a pink shirt as she takes a nap on a bed

I have seen adult sleeping in this position. This is like sleeping in a kneeling position but with the head down. I do not understand how one can sleep in this position because one can put a lot of pressure on the leg and possible cut of the circulation which cause the leg to fall asleep with. Your neck, shoulder and lower back will be affected.

Effects in the morning: You might feel pressure on the chest, shoulder and your feet might still be asleep

Sleeping with the hands open

When you open your hands you are actually stretching out your chest muscles, your deltoid (the muscles around your shoulder joint), your upper neck muscles and your shoulder muscles.

Effects in the morning: You may feel that tightness on the upper back and neck.

Sleeping with the hands over shoulder

Hands over shoulder affect the upper neck, armpit, upper arm muscles, muscle along the spine, lower back and sometimes poor circulation to the arm.

Effects in the morning: Possible lower back aches, tight shoulder and chest muscles.

Sleeping on the stomach

This position puts pressure on the chest, lungs, internal organs, stomach and lower back. It makes breathing harder while sleeping.

Effects in the morning:Lower back aches, stiff neck, sleepless night due to poor circulation from pressure to the chest.

Sleeping on the side.

Picture yourself sleeping on your right side. Can you see how you are putting all your weight on one side for 7-9 hours? It put  pressure on the one arm you are sleeping on, affecting your upper and lower neck, chest, upper back and muscles along the spine

Effects in the morning: Feel tilted to one side ONLY if you slept on one side, shoulder and neck pain and lower back pain

In my next post I’ll review you how to sleep comfortably and which type of pillow to use and where to position them.

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